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The Crowned Chronicles

Of Legends and Roses

ISBN (hardback) 978-1-7369638-0-7

ISBN (paperback) 978-7369638-1-4

ISBN (ebook) 978-1-7369638-2-0

A realm touched and forgotten by magic.

The Magian Peninsula was once home to the Talented, those born with abilities beyond the natural scope of possibility. But their existence was rare, and soon, there were none left.

A young queen orphaned by disease.

Nearly three centuries later, newly crowned Queen Rosemary of Lecevonia is successfully balancing the needs of her people, the realities of leadership, and her own naivety in the aftermath of Atroxis, which left many children parentless, parents childless, and kingdoms kingless. She scoffs at the idea of Talents, simply dismissing them now as ancient fairytales.

A prince after her heart.

However, in her daunting task of finding a husband and king-consort to rule by her side, charming Prince Gryffin rides into the scene in the nick of time and re-introduces her to the world of the Talented as she confronts rising dangers that threaten her life and the strength of her kingdom.


In this twisting tale of love, loyalty, and long-forgotten legends, Rosemary learns that trust may come too easily as she struggles to protect her kingdom from a new, unexpected threat. Her inexperience may prove to be just as deadly as Atroxis.

The BookFest Fall 2023 Award Winner
YA Fantasy - 1st Place
Fantasy Romance - 1st Place


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Of Deceit and Snow

ISBN (hardback) 978-1-7369638-3-8

ISBN (paperback) 978-1-7369638-4-5

ISBN (ebook) 978-1-7369638-5-0

A queen trapped in a game of lies.


Queen Rosemary Avelia has never felt so out of control of her own life. In the kingdom of Tarasyn, she is fighting for her survival, playing to her captor’s wants and desires for a bride—and for her kingdom of Lecevonia. She must keep her wits about her if she is to survive the extravagant, Talent-infused court life of Snowmont. But how long can she balance between her game and her need to return to her kingdom? To her people?


A king fighting for power.


King Gryffin Danicio is also struggling to stay in control. The more he covers up the secrets of his family, the more fragile his hold on the minds of the people of his kingdom becomes. Beneath the luxurious rooms and gilded furnishings of Snowmont is a dark, hidden past–and a future full of hope and power not only for Tarasyn, but for the entire Magian Peninsula. Gryffin has plans for the Talented of the Magian Peninsula, but without Rosemary’s support, his idea of a land strengthened by magic may never be fulfilled.


A magic on the brink of liberty.


An awakening of the Peninsula’s ancient magic is on the horizon. Rosemary must choose to stop it—or aid Gryffin in bringing it to fruition.

But first, she must get home.

And she cannot do it alone.

Of Deceit and Snow is the second installment of the Crowned Chronicles, a series following passionate and determined Queen Rosemary as she faces love, reign, the threat of war, and the mystifying world of the Talented.


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Of Reign and Embers




A Magian Peninsula series

Published by AWS Writing

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