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Short Story Anthologies

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"Eumonia's Monody and Five Other Stories"

ISBN 979-8485883508

I wait for an apology, but she speaks no more. Instead, she motions toward a violin case standing near the dresser and beckons me to her. “Play with me.”

Ashley W. Slaughter gathers her short stories together in this anthology than spans across genres. Her writing style explores themes such as fear, forgiveness, love, and instinct, all while bringing worlds and stories of unique characters to the page in your hand. From the contemporary prose of "Eumonia's Monody" and "Two Birds with One Stone" to the science-fiction and fantasy action of "Kymopoleia" and "The Warden's Switch," everyone is sure to find a story that enchants their literary mind.

Genres represented: Speculative, Contemporary, Drama, Creative Non-fiction, Fantasy, Science-Fiction

These short stories are inspired by Reedsy Weekly Prompts.

Bonus: Includes the first chapter of Ashley's YA fantasy novel, Of Legends and Roses, Book One of The Crowned Chronicles

From the Back Cover


Eumonia's Monody - contemporary, drama
Angie has lived the past two years striving to fulfill her passion of composing music. However, when her brother arrives at the door of her flat with news of their estranged mother, Angie must face her past and learn the important virtue of forgiveness.
Two Birds with One Stone - contempory, drama, LGBTQ+
Olivia Guillot returns to her home of Monroe, Louisiana with her partner in hopes of reconnecting with her family, desipte their homophobic history.
A Bee's Eyes - creative non-fiction
Explore the span of a year through the perspective of a blumblebee in the creative non-fiction. From the black-eyed susans of summer to the goldenrods of fall, through the winter's hibernation and on to the burst of wildflowers in spring, you can experience the life of this important pollinator in an entirely new way.
Guaiya - contemporary, drama
A Guam native who has never left the island, Hanna faces the realization that leaving home is a hard decision, especially when your new and old families are involved.
Kymoploeia - fantasy
Kristine finds herself shipwrecked and drowning, tumbling through the unforgiving sea. Suddenly, a voice speaks to her, and she is plunged into a new life of serving the Ocean.
The Warden's Switch - science-fiction, romance
In post-pandemic Connecticut, Nick Fairwright works as a data analyst in a facility he not-so-affectionately refers to as the Hamster Cage. When a chance to return to the outside world goes wrong, he and his girlfriend Meg must adjust their plans and fight those who control the Hamster Cage.

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