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Hello! I am Ashley W. Slaughter, upcoming author and wildlife biologist.


I have always had a passion for writing; I was a very imaginative child, and I've been writing stories since I learned to write my ABCs. My mother still has a manila envelope full of my short stories I wrote in second grade, along with the stage-play manuscript of a puppet show called The Horse and the Dragon, a masterpiece of sixth-grade Ashley. I first wrote a children's book in eighth grade called The Phantom Stallion, which received rave reviews from my family! (See a pattern? Animal lover, here!)

Upon going to college, I chose to pursue a degree in biology and later declared my concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. With a biology degree under my belt, I worked first as a veterinary technician for one year, then as a wildlife biologist for another.

I married the love of my life, followed his career to the island of Guam (look to the background picture!), and amidst having trouble finding a job in the middle of a pandemic, I decided to focus all of my energy into writing. And so, with the help of my endlessly supportive husband, The Crowned Chronicles became a reality!

I currently live with my husband in Santa Rita, Guam, USA. We have two cats, Cayenne and Polly, and an Australian Shepherd named Rouge, who are all taking an extended vacation at my parents' house. (Thank you so much, Mom and Dad!) In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, snorkeling, chilling with my husband, and, of course, reading.

Thank you so much for your interest and support!

Click through the slideshow to get to know me a little better!
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