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Happy Release Day to Of Deceit and Snow!

It's finally here! The year-long wait is over! The sequel to Of Legends and Roses, Of Deceit and Snow, can now be purchased worldwide!

*excited screaming and waving arms*

When I first set out to write Of Legends and Roses, I didn't plan on it being part of a series. It was a standalone book since there are just so. many. YA series out there.

But I realized the story had so much more to it.

So, plotting began for the rest of the series, now called The Crowned Chronicles. And I'm so glad it did continue into a series because Of Deceit and Snow truly has my heart. To be completely honest, I had more fun writing ODAS than OLAR. I felt more confident in my writing, and I felt more confident in its story. I loved some characters more than ever.

I'm so happy to share that story now with the rest of the world.

You can buy the book by visiting the "The Crowned Chronicles" page under the "Books" tab, or by clicking here.

Here's to my second book release!!

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